Content Moderation

I am managing an Opigno implementation for the first time. We envision some level of content moderation where a Teacher creates a course and is held in and Unpublished state until reviewed by a Content Mangaer who in turn releases it. Is it possible to easily integrate a Drupal module such as Workbench with Opigno without extensive development work? Or does that capability already exist within Opigno and I have missed it?
James Aparicio

Hi mstomasik,

Hi mstomasik,

By default on Opigno there isnt any workflow module. But this can be added as with any Drupal site.

BTW, in Opigno at the coruse level there is the course visibility (Public, Semi Public and Private). If a course is private it will not be available to anyone except the members of the course as well as all the content inside. So a course is not "released" until its not Private.

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