5 unsuccessful attempts

Italo Sousa
Helo everybody, Wrong password 5 times and the message was displayed: "Sorry, more than 5 unsuccessful attempts to access this account. It is temporarily blocked. Please try again later or request a new password." I perform the password change, but when I log out of the system and try to log in again, the message is displayed again.
James Aparicio

Hi Italo Sousa,

Hi Italo Sousa,

For security reasons (brute force attacks), after 5 wrong attemps, there is a 3600s (1h) timout.

If you try in one hour it should work.

Best regards

Italo Sousa

Hello James Aparicio,

Hello James Aparicio, Thanks for the information, did not know this opigno functionality.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information http://goo.gl/ycUAU8