Thanks for All the Hard Work!

After having experimented with Open edX, Joomdle and a custom Wordpress (and running into numerous problems), I think I've finally found the perfect solution in Opigno. I'm extremely impressed with what I see so far. Everything just seems pretty much tailor made for what I'm trying to achieve. Love how it's more lightweight and simple to run than Open edX (and still actually having a similar amount of features), doesn't have the old-skool feel and deadwood of Moodle, and runs smoothly straight out the box (unlike trying to get Joomla/Wordpress doing what you want). I'm an ESL teacher with a love for tech, and who's self-studied bits of pieces of Computer Science/programming online with Udacity and CodeAcademy. I'm using my experience to create courses for English language learners, which will combine my expertise in the field, interactive activities (i.e. Lyric Training, Genius, H5P activities, Quizlet, etc), video lessons from me and my friends, interesting and relevant content for listening/reading (mainly taken from TED/Reddit), and the ability to create blended learning courses (lesson on food tying in with EatAway meets to apply content, classroom plans, etc). Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the hard work you've put into the platform, it's hopefully going to allow me to realise what I'm trying to achieve. I hope I can start giving something back at one point! Ricky (Portalingo)

Hi Ricky,

Hi Ricky, Sorry for the late answer. Thanks a lot for your message, this is very motivating for us to hear that Opigno is appreciated. This is for us a motivation to work even harder and make Opigno better and better. Nice improvements should be introduced within the next months. I wish you a lot of success with your Opigno project. Best regards Axel

Hello Ricky! I'm interested

Hello Ricky! I'm interested in your project. Could you give me a link to your implementation of Opigno?


Opigno really helped me too.