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Hello, I'm actually trying Opigno and there is something that to me could help to simplify the navigation. Perhaps this is just the way we want to use it but perhaps this could be helpful for other people :). When we are in a course there is a block in the left body section where you have: Name of the Course A table with: Lessons Score Total Time What I don't understand (and of course what I'dlove to make it appear) is to have here the first Lesson (Theory) link rather than only a link to the first quizz. Perhaps I missed something? Thanks in advance

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Francois, I think you can achieve that by clicking on the Lessons button in the upper right (it looks like a TV set) while logged in as an administrator, or some other role that permits you to edit the course. That gets you to a view that contains your Lessons, one above the other. At the top of the view, left center is a button called Sort Lessons. You should be able to rearrange the Lessons and therefore show them in any order. Hope this helps, Michael Tomasik

Thanks mstomasik.

Thanks mstomasik. Indeed it seems to want to work. I have succeed in adding the lesson in the sidebar but when you click on it you are directly going to the quizz and not to the theory. Perhaps I need to add something to start with the theory? Thanks for your help

I understand this had been

I understand this had been changed/setup that way in favour of less steps to launch lessons. So the main playback button inside a course will launch the first lesson while the lesson hyperlinks launch the individual lessons, which means most people will not see the lesson description as they wont necessary intuitively click the lesson icon in right upper corner. (They would need to be curious enough or trained to do so). I also would also be interested for an option or way to change it but as far I can see this is not setup by a view but hard coded somewhere. I think it's reasonable to implement this while providing the main playback button for quick lunch (besides the launch button on the front page / catalogue), best of both worlds :) P.S. one caveat is using semi private course mode to allow registrations which is required for users to have stats being recorded which will show a confirmation step in between before making the launch button and lesson links available. (I'm currently trying a way to skip that step which seems to be working).

I am assuming that you have a

I am assuming that you have a slide or some other content in front of the quiz, therefore perhaps it is going there because that is where you left off when you were progressing through the lesson. As far as I can if a lesson is not complete, it jumps to the spot where you quit..... does this explain what you are seeing?

ok you are right. As I said I

ok you are right. As I said I'm trying Opigno and 'm using same student profile to check everything. In this case of course when you already passed the lesson you'll need to click on Read more. Perhaps this is not good enough as a student want to have access simply to the theory part. But you explained my problem. I think there is some workaround here to make thing simpler for student. Thank you

I am working on this also

Francois, Good... I am working on this issue.... I'd like our student interface to have buttons that say Start, Restart and Continue, giving them the choice. I'll try to remember your post and update you if I make progress on it. Michael

Hi mstomasik,

Hi mstomasik, Sorry for this late answer. I was away for some days. Good to hear that you are working on this. Having this will be very good for us. I'll update this post to see if you remembered it :). Thannks