#Server Create backups of your Opigno

Hi This might be useful for those who want to backup their Opigno, mirror it, etc.. I did it on a Debian server, it works This allows you to create an (horodated?) archive of all your Opigno files and your database Feel free to use, improve and share :) http://pastebin.com/EaFcaYUK Can be improved to run as cron, restore after backup, etc. Hope it helps!

Hi eva,

Hi eva,

Thanks for sharing this ! It can always be useful.
I could also recommend you to use the command line tool Drush and specially the commands drush archive-dump and drush archive-restore.

Thanks again !



move site...

Hi, would you mind expanding on this a little. I have a site that I have currently rolled into an ubuntu distro, that mirrors down to local hardware or a VM, and then and Admin would sign up his own students on the fresh system, all inside own network (intranet) . would this method be simpler? does it also install the underlying dependancies?