Scorm settings from Rise.

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How should the settings from rise be set so as to report back in 2.2? Passed/Incomplete Passed/Failed Complete/Incomplete Complete/Failed thanks
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James Aparicio

H garthphilpot,

H garthphilpot,


The logic we apply in Opigno for scorm packages regarding the completion status is that if the completion status is  set as complete and no score is given, opigno scores 100%.

If the completion status is incomplete and there is no score given, opigno scores 0%.

For passed/not passed in Opigno you can set the min score to pass in the lesson/module settings.


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If I were you, I would use

If I were you, I would use xAPI and use a Learning Records Store instead for capturing and reporting on events. It works much better than SCORM, which is very dated.