SCORM problem on Ipad

Sameet Naik
Hi We have Opigno LMS 1.27.0 install. We are upload SCROM 2004 3rd edition module on it. Here is the desire functionally we need: We are creating a module with 30 to 40 pages when the user clicks on the ‘Leave blank and finish’ button the module should be bookmarking the page and after resume should come back to the page where he/she has left. To get this functionally we are using SCROM ‘cmi.location’ and “cmi.suspend_data”. When the user clicks on the ‘Finish’ button if the module is completed then it should show the score and mark as completed with passed and failed status and then click again on the module should start as fresher. This functionally works fine on windows Desktop on chrome and IE browse and android devices but on Ipad. When we investigation we came to know that the SCROM ‘cmi.location’ and “cmi.suspend_data” on desktop and android devices when clicking on ‘Finish’ button is sending the module to history and flush up against the data. But on Ipad the SCROM ‘cmi.location’ and “cmi.suspend_data” remove as it is. Can you please help? Regards Sameet