SCORM problem

Hello I am new to Opigno - and it looks great but I have a problem. I can upload the SCORM (1.2) lesson correctly(it installs correctly) but it does not seem to keep the score or record completion. Any clues would be gratefully received. Thanks Andrew
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James Aparicio

Hi mlap1,

Hi mlap1,

Are you using the last version of Opigno 1.28?

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v1.28 fixed that to me , happy days - finally with scorm :)

Hello and thank you for

Hello and thank you for responding. I will check the exact version number in the morning (I live in Thailand and it is 4am). but... I downloaded it only a few days ago. Unless I made a mistake, it's the latest version. Cheers Andrew

It seems I am running drupal

It seems I am running drupal 7.56 and install configuration is "Opigno LMS (opigno_lms-7.x-1.28)"... so I guess it is the latest version. I am not running PHP 7.x but 5.6... I am wondering whether the SCORM file itself needs special settings. I am using various versions of Lectora and they seem to be working well on other LMS. Thanks Andrew

I'm also running pho 5.6 as 7

I'm also running php 5.6 as 7 is not yet fully supported (in Drupal 7). You can always test the package in Scorm Cloud (free) to see if it works properly and that you get the pass/fail and %.

I also usually Recent log messages /admin/reports/dblog and you can observe the Browser Developer Console during Scorm Playback.

P.S. please don't double post in the forums, thanks ;)




Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion about Scorm Cloud. I will give it a try although the package seems to work on moodle. Sorry, I was not aware that I had double posted. I normally avoid that. Or do you mean that I sent an update to the post??? Cheers for now Andrew

You also posted in the

You also posted in the support section :) no worries , hope you get it sorted, i know there usually few variables in the play of the setups.

AlLso have a look in the logs for errors /admin/reports/dblog and possibly on the webserver.