New forum

Hi, We receive very often positive feedbacks from users, that makes us really happy and motivated to improve more and more Opigno, adding features, improving performance, trying to come as close as possible to the perfection. Till now these forums have concentrated on the support and technical aspects, but we realised that YOUR experience with Opigno is the most important! That's why we decided to add this new forum, in order to allow you sharing your experience with Opigno: how do you use it, how do you structure your trainings, .... This can be the opportunity to share good ideas, good practices, to better use Opigno, etc... and make the Opigno community even more dynamic and valuable. Don't hesitate to share your experience on this forum, this will for sure be very interesting for all other Opigno users ! If you would like to present your project and your Opigno platform and get the feedbacks from other users, this is also the right section. This section is therefore not intended for technical question, please refer to the dedicated section for that. Thanks !

Thank you

Hi Axel, Thank you for adding this section to the forum. Best wishes, Stephen