Missing Icon (Found reason)


Hi, I am really enjoying Opigno these days. It is not easy, but is worth the effort. I have been installing some extra modules. One of them is admin_toolbar. I have noted that once I install admin_toolbar, the Messages icon in the main user menu disappears. I do not know what causes it.
Obviously, our great friends in Switzerland have much more important things to do than solve a little thing like this, so, I am only posting this as a warning to those who might think of installing admin_toolbar.
I wish everyone the best, Tim


Hi Tim,

Thanks for reporting this.

We will check what happens.


Hi Tim

We checked but we cannot reproduce this issue.

Can you provide more details ? Do you have other customizations done on your Opigno instance ? What precise version of Opigno are you using ?


Hello! Just ran drupal updates and now my Messages icon is missing... How did you fix it?