Import of Data to Opigno 2.0

Andy Pearce
Hello, I am a brand new user to Opigno 2.0. I am wondering if anyone has had success with importing Quiz Questions using the Feeds module (or any other module). So far the ability to import from a .csv file does not exist for Quiz material in Opigno 2.0. Thanks Andy


Hi Andy The Quiz activity in Opigno is a H5P content type. I think Opigno has nothing to do with the lack of an import function.... It is possible though to import more then one question in the Quiz... Just use the textual editor and you can load a text into Quiz that consists of more questions. You have to make sure the formatting is according to the demands. A second possibility is to use your .csv file combined with the .opi import fileformat of Opigno. See the Forum - Support area for additional information about that option. Best regards,