How to change the layout of the front page

good day , changing logo, colors easly and works out the box. but how to change the layout of the front/ landing page. I created some content and tried to publish it to the front, It shows me the route but not the content itself. Iam lost sorry, please some basic helps would be greatly appreciated as i love the opigno LMS entirly and is ecxatly what iam looking for more as 6 months. regards
Robert Carr

Try the Dashboard

Do you mean the login page, or the user's dashboard? Go to /admin/config/opigno/dashboard to manage the dashboard (it's not in the menu system for some odd reason) You can play around with the default layout including adding in your own blocks. You can also make more blocks available for users to customize their own dashboard

frontend/ landing page what you see first as anonymous user

In basic settings you could assign a different URL for your landing page. I see in the browser bar assigned page ( content) but not on the frontend at all, Still the slider blog on the left and login on the right and nothing else. how could I change it, pleaaassse some hints. dont think is related to the dashboard at all

layout of front page

alright to change the layout to the frontend entirely, an subtheme is needed to avoid hacking into the theme Platon. I video how to is here on opigno .org under download/ video. Iam not doing it as it seems not needed right now