Enabling Opigno as a module

Hi all, First of all, thank you very much guys for your project. I'm running a Drupal site with educational content and I would like to include some LMS fancy options. I'm considering mainly two options: Maybe develop my own Maybe use your module as a starting point to customize my own solutions and contribute to the project. I have installed the custom module (core) in my development server, and I've seen that it creates the course content type, BUT it doesn't create the class content type, nor the roles (or og_roles) teacher, student, coach, etc... I'm not sure if I am missing something, I have to enable some other module or it's just that you have to configure your own content type to be classes, create the roles, etc, which would be strange to me, as I've seen in the code you reference the "teacher" and other roles (hardcoded).. . On the other hand, I've seen a patch to apply to og_rules.inc. Is it neccesarry to apply that before enable the og, rules and opigno core modules? Or is it just ther for legacy? (I've received a message "warning: og.module has type 100755, expected 100644" when trying to apply it). I've had some problems (WSOT) when enabling the opingo_quizz_helper (usign quizz version 4.0-beta2 as I've seen there might be some problems with version 5) , and it is not possible to enable it throug the apps screen, when accessing the tools tab in a course... But I think I can get by as soon as I have a good "starting point". Thanks for your time!