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James Aparicio
Here is the Italian translation file. 73% done, for those who want to help finish it.

Translation tools

Hi, what is a good tool to help with translations? I offered to finish the translation but I am new to all sorts of development, so I have no idea what the standard tools are. Google translation tools? Desktop app? Text editori? I appreciate any help that can make my job quicker. Marco

Hi Marco,

Hi Marco,

The best tool is poedit:

Feel free to ask us if you need an updated translation file with the latest strings added.

Best regards,


Translation Tools

I found Google Tranlastion Toolkit to be more efficient. PoEdit ha a clumsy interface and I cannot make it connect to sources, no matter qhat I do. Without live source code connection, GTranslation is a more pleasant environment. Thanks

new it.po

sure, send it to the email I used to register on the forums.


Hello guys, translation is incredibly tedious and time consuming. I know for sure there are other italians in this community. How about we make a translation team? I am a bit overwhelmed alone and a translation is much needed. I volonteer to cooridnate the group on GTranslation which is great for those things, but I need tema volonteers to churn through the translation. Thanks

Hello Guys... any Italian

Hello Guys... any Italian user? Would you like to help the italian translation?