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Hello. I need to translate opigno (full site) to spanish. Could you provide me with a general procedure to do it the right way? I don't know if i should download a language package or need to activate some modules, etc.



Thanks for your interest in Opigno.

To do that you will have to activate a new language in /admin/config/regional/language/add

Then import some translations to reduce the translations to the minimum required (for example you can import Drupal core translations). Translations can be downloaded from The importation can be done from /admin/config/regional/translate/import

Then, to translate the remaining strings, the simple way is to import them from /admin/config/regional/translate/export, to translate them in poedit, and to import the translations.


If you agree to share the spanish translations with the community it would be very nice, spanish being a widely used language, and therefore very important for the project. We are ready to help you as far as we can to do that.

What we could do would be to import all available translations from the modules used inside Opigno and Drupal core, and to prepare you a .po file with only the missing translations. This would simplify deeply your work for translation. Then, once your translations are done, we would prepare a full and single file for spanish translations, ready to be used in one step to translate Opigno into Spanish. Please tell us if this sounds interesting to you.


Great, Thanks! It sounds

Great, Thanks! It sounds really interesting to me. If you please be so kind, prepare the .po file with all the translations you can, and then i'll download it and complete it with the missing strings. Then i'll share it with the community. Thank you very much.

Hi jsolis. You will find the

Hi jsolis. You will find the extracted PO translation file here: Its big - it contains thousands of translations in Spanish, but many hundreds of strings are still untranslated.


Done, thank you. I'll star working on the file ASAP and will be sending versions with every significant advance. Hope some other collaborators will support this in due time. Thank you.
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Status ES

As I see that the last input was 3 month ago: what is the status of the Spanish translation?

New file es.po

This is my own es.po file, is no 100%, but I think the whole view of the student is in Spanish. Best!

Hi Gonzalo,

Hi Gonzalo,

Thanks a lot for sharing your translations ! That's great !