Works Offline

Hello, Is it possible to imagine to make an Opigno application works offline ? For instance a student install the app on his phone, and then he can access the courses also offline. Thanks in advance, Arnaud

Hi Arnaud,

Hi Arnaud,

We already thought about that.

This would be possible, but quite complex to implement.

We will maybe add it in a future release, but it's not in our development roadmap at the moment, so I cannot tell you when.

Best regards,


Hello Axel,

Hello Axel, I'm currently involved in a project requiring the development of an offline LMS. I've been developing on Opigno for about 16 months now, so it's my first logical place to start investigating. Is there any potential to open up a collaboration between my team and the Opigno team, or to discuss funding to get this functionality developed?