Workflow requesting subscribtion to a group

I have a question regarding the workflow : Page 17 of the manual 1.23: Note that for semi-public classes you are offered two additional options, to define if the class requires a validation (if not users will be able to auto-register) and if they have to be hidden from the course catalogue. The require validation part usecase in not in detail described in the manual: As far a i can see: tTe only place where you can see if there are any requests is if you go specifically to the group (course/ class) and check if anyone is pending and you have to be a group manager. However pending is also a status which indicates if a user still has to do a pretest or course before he or she can be "active" in the course. What happens exactly when a user requests group membership to a group which requires validation ? "Request group membership" As far as i can see while testing: The User: Cannot see anywhere anymore he/she has requested for a membership. After having done the request, the group is no longer visible in the trainingcatalogue and also the group is not visible in "my courses" as long as the validation has not taken place. The manager: Is not notified in any way a request is made. The message written (if any is made by the user ) can only be seen when a manager of the group goes to that specific group and looks at the list of users Also the manager can make no distinction why the user is on status "pending". Because "Pending" can mean waiting for approval or that the user has still a pretest/precourse to pass (see manual page 11: Pending: in this case the user has been authorized for the course, but has first to complete some steps (either some pre-requisite courses, or a pre-test to assess the initial knowledge of the user) before automatically obtaining the access to the course Question: Are these statements correct ?
James Aparicio

Hi Luc, You are correct.

Hi Luc, You are correct. There is no difference in status of a user that is pending because he has not completed the requirements or a user that has requested membership and the course requires manual validation. There is a rule setting the user pending if there are unmet conditions, so there you can send a specific notification for that case. It should not be difficult to differentiate the cases and give different email notifications. Ofc there is always the possibility to add a specific state.Also regarding the fact that the user no longer views the course in the catalogue or the my courses, this is indeed the case and its one of the reasons why we are changing the catalogue/my courses page. Next release (releasing very very soon), the ourses will show in the my courses even if the user is pending or blocked.