Why start lesson button always lead to question, not the content of the lesson?

This is the copy and paste of the old question (back to 2013), but in my new site, after I create a course, still the same problem. Another point is that when you open a course there is a "Start" button. Rather than taking you to the front page of the first lesson it dives straight into the questions. When you finish the questions a button appears saying "To next lesson". Again this goes straight to the questions for the next lesson. Content creators have put a lot of content on the lesson pages which introduce the presentation questions but a student could easily entirely miss those pages using the quick navigation buttons. We could leave the lesson pages blank and make the first question an introductory slide but that would not flow as nicely. It would be nice to be able to disable those buttons or for the buttons to navigate to the lesson not the questions. Regards. Just wonder whether there is a solution for it, or it simply some misunderstanding and if so, what kind of change should be done to make it work, I mean, when student click the start button (in a lesson), it should directly go to the content of the lesson, not the question.



This was made on purpose, to save on click (several users reported that it was important to reduce as much as possible the number of clicks to get started)

You can move the introduction content of your lesson to a slide at the beginning of your lesson, the result will be the same.

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