White screen of death on homepage in MAMP and error on TinCan

Hello, Since I couldn't upload Opigno directly on my hosting service as the processing memory exceeds 2GB, I am trying to install it locally and then push it. I am using MAMP on MacOS El Capitan. Error 1: When I put in the URL of the local install, I get the white screen of death. When I add the /user to it, I can get into the system. But how do we view the homepage on logout? Error 2: Also, when I installed it, I got the error that I have to install Tincan. When I ran this command: composer require rusticisoftware/tincan:1.0.0 I got an error: -bash: composer: command not found Can you shed any light on this?



This seems a configuration issue on your local environement (check webserver config, .htaccess file, etc)

You should check the server logs to have the error description, that would help

Once this error fixed you will see the login page after logout

TinCan is just a warning, not an error. If you don't need it, then it's not useful to install it. The error "composer: command not found" is because you don't have composer installed on your local environement (or not properly configured).