Views Contextual Filters not working

Hi, I'm on Opigno 2.6. I know from Drupal how to create a search page with facets, but when I want to replicate this I see that I can't do anything with contextual filters in my view, simply because there is no 'Add' button. Is this by design? I also see that Header, Footer, No results behavior lack an 'Add' as well. Filter Criteria and Sort Criteria, on the other hand, do have it. Does anyone have any suggestions perhaps? Thanks! Geert


Thanks Gbonamie, what do you mean by Platon admin theme that hides them in relating to my questions?

Hi kaffyolatunji,

Hi kaffyolatunji, I am not quite sure I understand you. What do you mean with 'relating to your questions'? All I wanted to say is that when I set a different admin theme in my Opigno, I could see _all_ the 'add' boxes in my views, including the one next to _contextual filters_.