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My Achievements isn't a view, as far as I can tell, or a custom page. The only place I can get My Achievements is in the user's control panel. The organization I'm setting this up for would like to be able to have My Achievements as a menu link, similar to My Results. I have tried everything I could think of to pull only the score of lessons that are required for course validation into a view or page, but can't seem to be able to hack my way through it. Would it be better to try to create a view similar to My Achievements? What would be the filter criteria? Also, we'd like to be able to take out some of the columns from My Results table and from the My Achievements table. (We have lots of courses with lots of information, but only one lesson each course is required for validation ... having all the rest of the lessons, those that are not required for validation, is overwhelming, just because so much information is being presented. I also don't want the user to think that the percent score received just for reading the lesson is included in their score ... because it isn't.) I hope I'm getting across what I wanted to know. I'm not so familiar with Opigno yet to even be smart enough to ask good questions yet! Missy


When viewing "My Achievements" and clicking on "see details" the details are shown for just a moment before refreshing. It's trying to show user/%node/%/my-quiz-results but the page refreshes to /user while leaving user/%node/%/my-quiz-results in the browser's address bar. Refreshing the browser has no effect, neither does clearing the cache.

no help at all

Is this forum monitored at all? I really do need some help with this question.

Hello Missy,

Hello Missy,


Sorry for the delay, we have a lot of work to do on this period of the year and your question seem not so easy to answer.

It looks like you have mispelled some words no ? When you are talking about "My Achievements", you are talking about "My results" instead ? Because, at the installation of Opigno, there is already a link to "My achievements" in the main menu.

If you want to create a new view or page using some columns that are in "My achievements" and in "My results", you need to do it programatically. 
The content of "My results" come from the function og_quiz_get_user_results() who is in the og_quiz module (/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/og_quiz).
And the content of "My achievements" come from the function opigno_quiz_app_user_results who is in the opigno_quiz_app module (/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno_quiz_app).

Just create a new module using the hook_menu and in the "page callback" item, put a function's name that return the content of your new view.


For your second post, can you give us the version of Opigno that you use, your browser's name and version too please ? We will try to reproduce the error and find a solution.


Thank you and have a nice holidays.