view course summary on catalogue view :hover

The "view" hyperlink that opens the course summary can be misleading to some user to think they can click it to view the course. For now, I renamed it to "view course summary" using the string overrides module but I'm considering hiding it all together. Well Ideally we would want it to open at :hover but haven't figured this one out yet using css! Can anybody with some css skills have a look if this is do-able that way, to implement it easily instead of coding? A bonus would be if we could add a field for "course summary" with limited characters that remain visible so it doesn't take it from the BODY field and just cut it off awkwardly in the middle of a sentence :) .

Summary hidden by default? + maxlength module limits characters

I only now discovered that there is already a specific summary field, in the course under BODY one have to click on "Edit summary" :) 
sorry but it wasn't that obvious to me initially even though having edited many courses.

I understand now also that if left empty it creates it from the body field, however, I feel for a better look and consistency it would be better practice to always show a summary field (not necessarily as required but will be obvious for entry). Any way to make it appear by default?


On top of that, I tried the maxlength module  which is nice! Now it gives you the option to set a character limit, not for input itself but at least a warning for standard users and prevents saving it when exceeded with a message "Summary cannot be longer than 50 characters but is currently 81 characters long."
Once installed this setting can be configured 

Note: HTML editor markup is counted in as well. This can probably be avoided by setting the "text processing" / Text Format to plain text.

A better option would be if it's not counted in HTML editor but the option for Truncate html doesn't seem to work and people already working on a patch for it but not sure its fully there yet.