View of answers and the user that submitted that answer

Hi, how do I create a view of answers and the user that submitted that answer from a lesson. I have a number of multiple choice questions in the lesson and I have been able to list the questions and all possible answers but not the answer chosen by the user. Thanks in advance.

Hi alex001,

As I can understand, you are using H5P for creating activities. Unfortunately, it's not possible to create the list of answer like you want. The answers from H5P are not collected as entities. The answers are collected and recorded in the database tables. So, in this case you need to create your own development that will be proceeded these records. In the module "Opigno Module" (_opigno_module/ActivityTypes/opigno_h5p_) you can find a couple of examples of how this work on Opigno.

Thank you very much for your response but I am not using H5P

Hi Nikolay, Thank you very much for your response. I am not using H5P, some questions are in scorm packages ("node/add/opigno-scorm-quiz-question") and some are in multiple choice (/node/add/multichoice). Any help or guidance with this will be greatly appreciated, especially with scorm packages. I have been able to use views to output the multiple choice question options but not the actual option chosen by a user.

Lesson Results

I am basically looking for the information found on the lesson completed page in the user section located here[lesson_result_id]/userresults. Difference is I want all the lesson results for a particular course one page.