Version 1.24

Hi Guys , thank you very much on released the new version , if i work with the version 1.23 and i did a lot of views and rules and change permission can i upgrade to the new version but still save the changes i did in the old one ? Kobi

Hi Kobi,

Hi Kobi,

If you changed rules and permissions then you won't loose your changes.

The only "risk" is for "training catalogue" view, that will be modified during the upgrade. Your old view will be cloned before the updates are applied (to keep a kind of backup).

But the old view won't be working any more without some adaptations to make it compliant with the new version.

We advise anyway to do a full backup of your platform before starting the upgrade.

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Thank You axel

so what is the best way to do the upgrade ? 1. backup my DB 2. Backup all the files 3. and then replace the file with the new one ? or there is another way ? Kobi
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Hi kobi, 

Hi kobi, 

After that you need to run the update. update.php or with drush. drush updatedb.

Also dont forget that not all files should be replaced. The sites folder, htaccess and robots should not be replaced for example.

Here is some documentation

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