Using and changing Menu of Platon Theme

Hi, I am trying to create a menu at your platon-theme, which I am using at a Drupal installation. I have already installed the menu_attributes modul and font awesome, but however it is not working to add icons like in Demo Version or in the Full Version of Opigno. There are only blue (or white) squares showing up with the menu title at the bottom, but no icons. If I add an icon (e.g. fa fa home) to the class field in the main menu, the little home-icon shows up next to the square and not inside of it ... How could I solve this problem? Thanks a lot. Tabea

Hi Tabea

Hi Tabea New menu items can simply be added by going to http://your_domain.tld/admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu Then, to display an icon you have to mention an ID in menu item attributes (like you did I assume) and consequently modify the CSS so that the related pictogram can appear. Maybe try to clear all caches in case it does not appear. Please tell us if this works, or give us more details about what you did precisely. Best regards,