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Ok, so i have created an admin account with all permissions enabled. then i make a new user account with student manager roles the roles of student manager only contain administrative user checklist because i want my student manager to create new student account. However, this student manager account is able to edit admin password easily without having to input the current password of Admin account? Please tell me is there an error? basically i just want to create a manager that will create new user/students for me, but i dont want that manager to override admin access.. Please help.
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Hi dvdwyn,

Hi dvdwyn,

By default the student manager cannot edit/delete user accounts. If on your platform he can it is because you have changed the permissions of the student manager.

If you want the student manager to be able to edit/delete users but not admin users, you can install an additional module that creates additonal permissions and lets you tweak these settings.


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thanks man, i manage to solve

thanks man, i manage to solve the problem but another arises... i have removed all admin privileges on my admin role since i create a new role called "owner"with all admin access.. however everytime i login with the admin role, it still able to do things that is not checked in permissions... i want only owner role that can become the super admin the default admin user/admin role is not supposed to have all permissions.. i also can not delete the admin user since it has so many content, i can only probably block it for now..