Use H5P in content type Video

Hi, is there a way to include H5P features in the content type Video? That would be great as it would enable me to use video URLs instead of uploading a file to my server.


Hi There is an Opigno module allowing to use videos urls, this is Opigno external video app You can enable it from the apps interface Best regards

Hi axel,

Hi axel, I've had checked the app but wasn't able to play an mp4 file from our local servers. Only predefined sites (youtube, vimeo etc.) seem to be supported. Is there an option I may have missed? Best Regards edit: Solved it with shortcode (eg: [h5p=5] 5 is the node id) . Had to enable H5P content in Text Formats and put it to the end so that other filters didn't strip away tags added by this filter