Updating Drupal core and else

Hi, I am planning to start building my Learning site with Opigno 2.7. I have couple of questions related to maintenancing it. I have installed version 2.7 with composer on AWS LAMP stack with PHP 7.2. Is the Drupal 8 core possible to upgrade only by installing a new Opigno LMS release over the old one? If drupal 8 core gets security updadtes, do I have to wait until there is a new version of Opigno LMS package, or is there a way to update the core with composer or drush? What is the process of updating drupal other modules? Does this composer command check only Opigno LMS related modules or all Drupal modules? "composer outdated opigno/opigno_lms" When I enable the commerce module, I am able to sell the learning content which is nice. Is it possible to sell "expiring" courses or is the content available forever to the user who purchased it? What I mean is that is it possible to set a content "validity" so that user could pick a period for the content like "1 month", "3 months" or 1 year. If user purchases a product and selects "1 month", it would expire after 1 month from the purchase and after that user does not have access to that content anymore. (I was able to create this with Drupal 7 and role expiration with Ubercart but not sure with D8 and commerce ) By the way, which site should I use, https://www.opigno.org or https://www.opigno.ovh looks pretty similar but forum comments are not? Thanks for the great module!



We strongly recommend upgrading Opigno LMS. This includes Drupal core updates and modules updates.

Every time a security update is available for Drupal core or a module part of Opigno, a new release is done very shortly.

This way you make sure that you won't break your installation by upgrading a module or Drupal core and introduce some code conflicting with Opigno.

The upgrade covers the modules part of Opigno. Of course, if you installed some additional modules to extend your Opigno features, your will need to take care of upgrading them by yourself.

Regarding the commerce feature, with out of the box commerce capability it's indeed a "forever" access once your purchase a training. It's for sure possible to extend this so that it can expire.

As for your last question, the official site is https://www.opigno.org (the other one is a dev website).