Unresolved Dependency (ggroup)

Hello, I have had trouble with my installation when I want to upgrade my installation modules. I am using the latest version (2.6). Every time I update the "Field Group" and "Group" modules (either one of them) I get the following message: UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCY ggroup (lost) This message repeats itself 12 times for the following modules: Opigno Calendar, Opigno Catalogue, Opigno Forum, Opigno Instructor-Led Training, Opigno Learning Path, Opigno Moxtra, Opigno Statistics, Opigno Tincan Badges, Opigno Tincan ILT, Opigno Tincan, Opigno Tincan Live Meeting, and Opigno Tincan Modules. Does anyone know what is going on?


Followed instruction from Drupal site and updated with Composer using the commands from the Drupal sites. Upon updating, I was able to run the website fine. I anyone would like the details, feel free to ask here. As soon as I see the messages, I will seek to post the answers here.


Hi Timotheonb! I'm interested in the solution of your issue. (I might have a similar problem... though not sure...) Viragom