Unable to install opigno_audio_app

I tried installing the opigno_audio_app, both thru the menu on the site proper and through a drush pm-enable. The menu option does not allow me to login via ftp (yet password etc is correct). The drush option goes into a loop, download the app successfully and then state it cannot find it and ask to download again. Looking into what is happening, it seems that the app got installed into the sites/all/s/opigno_audio_app directory. I am not sure what the /s subdirectory is for but it may be related to the problem? Any help would be appreciated. A lack of audio is a show stopper for the envisaged application. Thank you PS. It is pretty much a new install of the LMS version of opigno
James Aparicio

Hi MidGe,

Hi MidGe,

The modules have to be located in sites/all/modules. Have you tried downloading the module https://drupal.org/project/opigno_audio_app, copying it to sites/all/modules and enabling it inside the modules page inside opigno?

Not being able to install the apps via the app store is probably lack of permissions from your webserver user. Regarding drush installing to the /s folder, there seems to be something wrong with your drush configuration.

In both cases, this seems to be a system configuration problem.

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Hi James, Installing it manually seems to have done the trick. I did not try it before as I was afraid of breaking something and thought there was a reason for the /s subdirectory. Anyway, it seems solved and I am on my way, hopefully.. Thanks for the help. Kind regards Michel