Hello! How can i change the language of the opigno

Hi rean.

Hi rean. You have to log in as User-1, that is, the user you created on install. By default, only this user has the ability to add new languages, although you can give it to others by customizing the site roles. Anyway, go to (using the black menu at the top) *Configuration > Regional and Languages > Languages > Add language*. Choose the language you want to add. Then, go to *Configuration > Regional and Languages > Languages* and set the new language as the default one. After this, you will have to translate the interface. There are 2 ways to achieve this: 1. [Download and install]( the [Localization Update module (version 7.x)]( (this is really the best way). 2. Go to [](, download the translation files for Drupal 7 and any modules you're using (Opigno uses Organic Groups, Views and Quiz mostly). Then, go back to your site, go to *Configuration > Regional and Languages > Translate interface > Import* and import each downloaded file, one by one (you see why the 1st option is better - it does all this automatically).