"Total Time"

Hi there! In Opigno, how is "total time" calculated for lessons? We are getting, what seem to us, very odd values for this: sometimes very high (as in over 24 hours, which is seemingly impossible, because our system logs a user out after a certain amount of time spent inactive on the site, so they could not be leaving an unattended browser window open), and sometimes a "-" even though a student has spent time in a lesson. It would be very helpful to have an understanding of what this value is and where it's coming from.

Hi Vclewis,

Hi Vclewis,

By default it takes into account the start and finish times of the attempts in the lessons inside the course. If you see time like that high is probably because the user started a lesson one day but only finished another day.

If you see a '-' its because the user has worked on the lesson but has not actually clicked on finish.

You can contact us via the homepage contact form if you are looking for a more custom solution. (such as ajax requests every x seconds if the browser tab is active + automated logout after x time inactive)


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