Tincan statement missing IDs

I've just started using the Tincan modules for Opigno (on Drupal 7). I have created a Tincan question using https://www.drupal.org/project/opigno_tincan_question_type, with a Tincan package generated with Articulate Storyline 360 - I've tested this separately in Scorm Cloud and it is working as expected there. In Opigno, the Tincan statements were showing a 200 error when sent to the LRS, so I console.logged the full data object that was sent and can see that the IDs are missing for the context parent and context grouping, and for the object. The prefix 'http://' is displayed but nothing else. I have checked that tincan.xml for the package contains the correct values for this and it does. For individual modules within the Storyline content (e.g. for 'experienced' statements) the Id includes the prefix http:// and also the last fragment of the url. So for example in tincan.xml where we have a module with an Id of http://mysite.com/12345/abcdef, this will show as http:///abcdef In the database table opigno_tincan_question_type_question_properties, the Activity ID is correct. I can't figure out where this change is occurring, could anyone help or provide some pointers? cheers Kat


I found that this worked if I added the activity_id to the parameters of the iframe source within the module https://www.drupal.org/project/opigno_tincan_question_type (in includes/opigno_tincan_question_type.question.inc I will provide a patch.