Three questions about Opigno

Hi Everyone I am trying to decide whether to move to Opigno or not. So I have 3 questions: 1. Opigno is based on drupal. My experience of drupal from a long time ago is that it is pretty difficult to update. Is this still the case with opigno or is there a fast way of updating the drupal core? Of course, I want to reduce downtime. 2. Does the e-commerce subscription work well? I am looking for a trouble-free subscription system 3. Can Opigno be localised to the Thai language (or be made bilingual)? Thank you for any advice Andrew



You probably tried to update Drupal a long time ago. This is now really easy with an upgrade script and a GUI.

It's the same with Opigno, you simply need to push the new files and then run the upgrade script through the UI.

Opigno integrates an e-commerce module, based on Drupal Commerce, that works very well.

It would be easy to translate Opigno to the Thai language: Drupal already provides some translations and you could easily add the missing translations, specific to Opigno. This would not be a big work.

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