Is there a way to add conditional navigation between the course objects

say, chapter 2 can not be access unless Ch 1 is done and 1 hr is over. if we can do it programatically, any pointers on this? Note: The experience with installing opigno is very good so far. Thanks. Regards,


Hi, Thanks for your feedback. You can define in a course settings some required courses ("Required course", at the bottom of the settings page). There is not "timing" condition possible out of the box at the moment, but you could of course define additional rules in Drupal. Don't hesitate to ask for further details.

How do i

Is there a way of adding timing"? Is it possible to integrate "course" module? THanks,
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James Aparicio

Hi veerjain,

Hi veerjain, You are talking abouta timer for Lesson/Quiz or for the validity of a membership in a course?


I am referring to Regards,
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Opigno is doing more than

Opigno is doing more than Course module in drupal.You can have both timer for Lesson/Quiz and membership validity in a course.

Hi veerjain.

Hi veerjain. The course module is not compatible out of the box. Opigno has its own course system (with Drupal OG). What you're refering to should be possible, but time is only tracked in Quizzes though. You could update the OG Prerequisite rule and add your time condition to it.