teacher role have to be able to create users

hallo there. I have choosen opigno for lms and am now struggling with the implemantation. I am also new in drupal too and i know i will probably have to spent some time here. I have a specific task that i know it would probably require some coding. I do not have a problem with that but i really need a hint about the overall approach. I have already created two new roles. A student and a teacher. I want to give the teacher the ability to create a specific amount of students. Then of course i want him to be able to access their dashboards to check their progress How could i implement such a task? What do i need to built? Is there a module out there? The solution to create a new drupal page with a form to add (or administer) users and save them with specific role (using for example user_save function) and then a new permission for granting access to that page to the role of teacher, is a approach i could use?