Teacher not displayed in course list

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Dears, many compliments for your excellent job! Coming to my question, in the course list page (/my-courses view) instead of the teachers, the following token appears: "Teachers: node_og_membership_nid); ?> " In the course group page the teacher appears to be active and it has the role teacher. This strange problem only shows up in my localhost distro installation, and not in production. I think that it might be very insightful to understand why this is happening. Many thanks, Pietro
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James Aparicio

Hi redazione,

Hi redazione,

This is related to the php version. You can just go to the view 


and click on the field teachers, inside output code, change "<?" with "<?php". 

We will update this on our next release.

Best regards

redazione mind…

solved, thanks!

This is important to understand.