Suspend Data is not working

I am not able to get the suspend to work, nor is it marking as complete. It is working in scorm cloud and everything else but not with opigno/drupal. Am I missing something? It is uploading the scorm packages just fine. Everything except suspend Data seems to be working.
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James Aparicio

Hi aaron.thomas.

Hi aaron.thomas.

Yes, currently suspend data is not there. 

We already implemented it actually, just doing some more testing before pushing it. Completion should not be related to the suspend data. 

All completion, success and score are implemented.

      'cmi.success_status',      'cmi.completion_status',      'cmi.score.raw',      'cmi.score.min',      'cmi.score.max',      'cmi.score.scaled',If the scorm package is setting these values, Opigno is storing them.


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