Suggestion/Request for Matching Question

Opigno seems to be a great tool but I would like to make a request for an improvement to Matching Question. A Matching Question could be use in other ways. For instance a series of 10 objects could be matched with 3 colours (I have many instances of questions that have this format). Currently the Matching Question will show in the dropdown choice 10 alternatives and that maybe red three times, blue three times and yellow 4 times. Could it be possible to not repeat answers that are exacly the same in the dropdown list, so that it shows only the three available choice in this case? The reason is that in some circumstances (with some ratios) it does give clue as to what the answer is, the way it works currently. Thank for considering this.

Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback. Your suggestion is perfectly right.

We take note of it. It won't be available in the next release that will probably be published tomorrow or the day after, but probably in the next one.

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