Subtheme D8

Beatriz Cunha
Hi everyone! Do you know of any instructions on how to best install a subtheme of Platon in D8? Thank you in advance!

Interested also - this would

Interested also - this would answer my question about a different slider on the front page. Strangely that question has disappeared...

Subtheme D8

Hi, Can you please guide me anyone that how to create a subtheme of Platon in Drupal 8. Thanks

Here are the steps I took to

Here are the steps I took to create a subtheme in Drupal 8. - Locate the theme folder in root site folder - Create a folder name subtheme -Inside that folder, create a file named -Here is the content of name: subtheme type: theme description: subtheme of Platon core: 8.x base theme: platon regions: help: 'Help' branding: 'Branding' menu: 'Menu' admin_opigno: 'Admin opigno menu' status_messages: 'Status messages' top: 'Top' sidebar_first: 'Sidebar first' content: 'Content' footer: 'Footer' header: 'Header' -Reload your site and go to Appearance, you should be able to see the subtheme and install it. What I found to be missing on the subtheme is Top region. When trying to move some of the blocks to Top, it does not do anything. I am still trying to figure out how to inherit these and customize the templates. Their youtube tutorial videos are out-dated.


Subtheming in D8 is different than D7. I have not attempted yet. Will do it this week. You may need to copy some of the TWIG files over from Platon.


Were you able to create/ID steps for D8 subtheme?
sleekclaude (not verified)

similar issue

Hello, I took the same steps and am running into a similar problem: Main Menu is not displayed! This is very disturbing. I would welcome any enlightenment. Thanks.

Is there a any guide?

Hello, I have the same issue regarding the Top region, main menu and also the login page. Is there any documents or video guide?