Sub-domains and Sub-Site Installations on Shared Hosting

Hi, I have a couple of questions relating to installation. 1. I have a shared hosting service (GoDaddy) which, installs a basic drupal profile using their Installatron programme. I have set-up devsites in the main domain (D8) and sub-domain (D7 & D8) for both learning and development purposes. How do I then install the Opigno distribution? I.e. I have set-up the command line interface and have been getting to grips with the use of composer as a dependency manager to install the contributed modules & themes. However, reading the labyrinthal Drupal documentation, distributions seem to present a quite different set and level of challenges that may force me to download component features of the distributions separately - is that possible or advisable? 2. The site I want to build involves some distinct working areas for different membership grades and service types. I.e. The Opigno LMS would be one part of a broader learning eco-system containing 3 course types/membership domains that may or may not contain various facets such as collaborative learning, learning resource and information service centres. I am aware that the new GROUP module may make the need to use the multiple domains or sub-sites modules unnecessary. Can Opigno be integrated as a sub-element/ Learning Management Centre within this broader framework? or, Should it still take the lead and then direct users to the needed resource centers as and when needed? This second question also raises further questions in respect of the feasibility of using of Opigno within broader frameworks or its ability to tie in with others such as Open Atrium collaborative learning distribution? I look forward to hearing from you. Kr, Chris

Hi Chris,

Hi Chris,

For your first question, a distribution has its standalone install process, it should not be installed on top of an existing Drupal instance. The install is pretty simple, it's the exact same as for a Drupal install, the only difference is that you have to download and extract on your Apache directory the distribution files instead of the ones from Drupal.

Regarding your second question you will have to bring some customizations to match your use case and memberships, but Opigno is very flexible for that.

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Shared Hosting

Hi there, You mention an Apache directory. I have now access at Command Line to shared hosting directories. Does this mean I could simply create a sub-directory within my domain such as "lol-mindsets-opigon" and then install it there directly using say [php composer.phar install opigno_lms] ? As for customizations, yes, I guessed that would be the case :) However, I was hoping already available/standard contrib modules with a little configuration would suffice rather than raw development work. Unfortunately, I am not a PHP or Drupal coder/developer as such and am trying/having to build my site as much as possible without the benefit of outside expert help. Customizatin requirements also raises the question as to how to manage future upgrades to Opigno in D7 or from D7 to D8 versions. Is the Opigno distribution separated from the contrib modules in same way as drupal core so that it can be upgraded more easily without directly upsetting extra contrib modules installed, other than perhaps configuration tweaks? Kr, Chris

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