Student Manager's "Add User" Permission

Hi, I don't want to anybody to register my site so I selected only admins can register accounts, however I also would like to give "adding user permission" to student managers too. When I give "administer users" permission to student managers, they can create but also they can edit all the users in system (which is normal). I would like to give them only adding user permission, not seeing or editing other users. Is that possible with the current system and permissions? Thank you.

Hi Canyasa,

Hi Canyasa,

By default, there is not such detailed permissions to administer the users.

But you can try this module. It says "This module allows site builders to set up fine-grained permissions for allowing "sub-admin" users to edit and delete other users". It sound like what you are looking for.

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Thanks Amermod, that is

Thanks Amermod, that is excatly what I need.

Access Denied (just after instalation)

I try to found some topics similar, if this topic exist please let me know!

I already did this by adding link under menu management.

(I already did this by adding a link under menu management. You can ignore it, thanks!) I have another issue now, I don't want my student manager to see drupal admin bar at the top so how can I add People> Add People section under opigno administration? I took a screenshot: @proxcel What do you mean by similar topics? Amermod's solution works for giving more detailed permissions to the users. Download link: