Student Lesson Pages

Hi, I want to add a facility whereby students can create and add their own student lesson pages that are attached, linked or viewable from the main lesson unit/page as a way of adding to, and complimenting the main lesson material. Other students should then be able to choose and review other students' contributions as a way of enhancing the scope of their learning. What I have not figured out yet is how best to implement this kind of learning exercise/strategy. The options that come to mind so far are: - File attachments using students' own word.doc file etc. - Related article page (content type) links and perhaps use of views to create a sort of library view of all contributions. - File Upload Question in the content creation quiz types Option 1: It is not clear to me how this could work in order for the students to be able to create, load and link the file attachments to the lesson page/library view. This option would also mean they could not fully utilise the facilities of our site to author their student pages. Option 2: Creating a Student Page content type and views library seems a reasonable way to go, but, again I am not clear on how this would get linked associated clearly with the lesson unit/page other than via the correct use of tags/taxonomy to created a Related Student Page content view/block. Option 3: Could the File Upload Question tool provide a ready-made facility for doing this? If so, how? Any 'How to' ideas and guidance greatly appreciated. Kr, Chris