Status filter issue on Class Results page

Hello, I need to filter the class results page (admin/opigno/students/class-results) by the user status but they is something wrong with the filter form... When 'active" is selected, I can see all users including those who are "blocked". An when "Blocked" is selected, there is no result (but several users account are really blocked)... I don't know where to administer the filter... Could you please help me to solve this issue ? Many thanks.

Does the filter work on your class-results page ?

According to my previous post, the filter form (by user account statuts) does not have the expected effect on the results... Where can I manage it ? Many thanks

Problem with filter on class-results page

Hello ! Still no solution for the problem with the filter on this page : admin/opigno/students/class-results. Does anyone have an idea on how to operate the filter? Which code file would be involved? Many thanks for help :-)