Specification of web server for Opigno implementation

Jonathan Siviter
Hi all, We have the Opigno platform up and running successfully and it is working very well. The platform is being used to deliver academic tests to students. The problem we are experiencing is that when a group of 20 students or more access the same test at the same time (in a classroom setting for example) the time taken to process student input becomes excessively long. Does anyone have a specification that we could give to various web server companies to determine if they are able to provide what is needed? Can anyone recommend a good web server company for an online school where many students might be trying to access the same test at the same time? Thanks, Jon


Dear John, There are several ways to proceed the "safe way". You would want a provider which knows how host a Drupal site and better would be a company who can also develop in Drupal. The best option would be a company who also knows Opigno and its specifics. Which provides you with the posiblities of a service level agreement and custom development. Presuming you would want the best i see two options: One is the Opigno cloud where several options are provided. https://www.opigno.org/en/professional-services/cloud-hosting. Or dedicated The other is a partner of Opigno which at present the company I work for : www.dop.nu in the Netherlands. If you want only Drupal specific hosting use google and you will find numerous and choose one which is flexible in upgrading servers so you can upgrade if performance is not sufficient. Any implementation with the same concurrent users ( you talk about 20 ) can vary in its server sizing because of what users do. Finetuning can be part of the process for optimal performance compared to costs