Some Questions

Hi there, I have a few questions about Opigno: How safe is the system against attacks or incorrect user behavior? What backup / reset options are available? How secure is the management and storage of user data? Can data be loss during version updates? Is there an establishment of a central client management? Is there a superordinate backend to full administration (for us)? Are there subordinate administration areas (for customers)? Is there a chance to set up a centrally maintained course catalog? How is the scalability? (Translation via Google :) ) Thank you very much! Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Hi Thomas,

Thanks to the Drupal basis, Opigno is very secure and scalable.

The backup options are the same as for any web application, you can use full backup, incremental backups, snapshots.

Even if the upgrade process is very robust, a data loss can never be 100% excluded and it's a good practice to do a full backup before any upgrade.

It's possible to have a central client management as well as a centralised course catalogue (with some additional developments).

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