Some course content not appearing for user/student role

Hi, I configured several trainings and made them available to some users in the system but there are some inconsistencies with how the courses display for the student/user: On the training catalog page, the description copy that appears under the image gets cut off for many of the courses. Even though it looks like up to 2-3 more lines of copy can appear, it just has a blank space. On the training catalog page, the category name is not appearing above the course name On the training catalog page, in the left panel, only some of the categories and their associated trainings are appearing even though I added this user/student as a member to all of them. (note: all trainings appear under "My trainings" but not under "All Categories") And lastly, there are 2 courses that break the system every time I publish them. They are set up just like the other courses (I even tried deleting them and setting them up again) . I publish them and when I click on Catalog, the page does not load.