[solved]Text in Slides?

Hi, I'm currently building a slideshow for a class, however, when I use the slide, I'm only able to see a snippet of the text I enter. Furthermore, if I create a Theory Lesson, it says that I "failed" after completing it? Is there a way to correct this? Thanks!
James Aparicio

Hi Xtrobe, if you have a quiz

Hi Xtrobe, if you have a quiz with only slides, you can give it a pass rate of 0%. Regarding not seeing all the Theory Lesson if you go to amin/structure/types/manage/quiz_directions/display/teaser, You can change the this display format from Summary and Trimmed to Default. Best regards

Thanks, James, for this reply

Thanks, James, for this reply as well as for the other replies. One more question: is there a way for me to change the label above a slide? "Question x of x" doesn't seem to make sense, especially if nothing was asked. cheers!
James Aparicio

Hi Xtrobe,

Hi Xtrobe, Using the interface this is no way to change this. We are thinking of changing the string Question to Step. You can look into the quiz code and change the string.

Thanks, James. I'll edit it

Thanks, James. I'll edit it myself, but which file is it stored?
James Aparicio

It in the profiles opigno_lms

It in the profiles opigno_lms modules contrib quiz folder, quiz.pages.inc line 486

We opened a feature request

We opened a feature request [here](https://drupal.org/node/2185205). We will fix this in one of the next releases.

This has created another problem

I've enable the slide to show all the content, but the content displayed doesn't have any formatting. I would ideally like to show all of my content with all of the formatting I creating it n.

Hi mahatma.

Hi mahatma. How did you enable this display ? Did you go to the Content type Display Settings (`admin/structure/types`) ? If so, did you choose the correct options (text can be displayed "raw") ? If it is correct, edit the question or slide, and check the text format (select list, under the WYISYG editor). Is the correct format selected ? Finally, did you edit or add a text format ? If you did, and are using it, make sure the allowed html tags are not tto restrictive. You can go to `admin/config/content/formats` to check these settings. Let us know if any of the above help.