[solved] Updating Opigno

Hello, There is a security issue adressed by Drupal 7.24. I use drush to update Drupal installation. It seems that there is an issue with this update way. drush pm-update ...... The opigno_lms directory could not be found within the modules [error] directory at /srv/www/htdocs/opigno10/profiles/opigno_lms, perhaps the project is enabled but has been deleted from disk. Is there anybody able to update Opigno with drush ? Thanks !

As far as I know, Drush does

As far as I know, Drush does not support distributions very well ([check this thread for more info](https://drupal.org/node/1880362)). The reason is that Drush will look into the `system` table for the available modules, and seeing an entry for `opigno_lms`, sees a type of `module` (Drupal treats installation profiles as a module). But it's not - it's an installation profile. Thus, Drush does not know how to update it correctly, the Opigno LMS "module" not being listed in any `modules` folder (`/modules`, `sites/*/modules` or `profiles/*/modules`). So, the best way is to upload the code by sFTP or to use GIT. An article will be published soon on Digital Ocean about the best way to maintain Opigno using GIT and Drush. I'll link it here as soon as it is, but, in the meantime, the idea is to clone the Opigno LMS GIT repo, and build it using Drush every new release. This means, though, that you have to wait that we update the distribution :-). We're on it. We have to update several contrib modules as well, but some are patched, so it takes a bit longer (we have to reroll them, make sure they don't break the new version, etc). I'll keep you posted.

Article on Digitalocean about

[Article on Digitalocean about maintaining Opigno via Git and Drush](https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-opigno-on-debian-7-with-git-and-drush)


Hi, how can I update Opigno from 1.6 to 1.7 on production server on shared hosting (I don't have access to ssh or any terminal)? Thanks

Hi aster

Hi aster This is like a normal Drupal website. 1. Download and extract locally Opigno 1.7 files 2. Put the website into maintenance mode 3. Transfer all the files (except .htaccess and the folder 'sites') with FTP 4. run update.php 5. desactivate maintenance mode For total security you can do a full backup (database + files) of your installation before starting the upgrade. Best regards,