[solved] PDO Error

I have an error when visit "/my-courses" or "course-catalogue" as a teacher or student rol. If I visit this pages as Administrator no errors founds. Takimg a look at tje logs, appears this message: "PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'ga.group_audience_gid' in 'where clause': SELECT DISTINCT td.* FROM {taxonomy_term_data} td INNER JOIN {taxonomy_vocabulary} tv ON td.vid = tv.vid LEFT OUTER JOIN {og_membership} ga ON ga.etid = td.tid AND ga.entity_type = :entity_type AND ga.field_name = :field_name WHERE (tv.machine_name = :db_condition_placeholder_0) AND( (ga.group_audience_gid IS NULL ) OR (ga.group_audience_gid IN (:db_condition_placeholder_1)) ) ORDER BY tv.weight ASC, tv.name ASC, td.weight ASC, td.name ASC; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => course_categories [:db_condition_placeholder_1] => node [:entity_type] => taxonomy_term [:field_name] => og_group_access ) in views_handler_filter_term_node_tid->value_form() (line 149 of /home/kbase/public_html/university04/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/views/modules/taxonomy/views_handler_filter_term_node_tid.inc)." The site is: http://university.tango04.com/ you can log on wit the user "student" and the passw: 1234 Can you help me, please?
James Aparicio

Hi mfuster,

Hi mfuster, Please go to the modules page. Disable and uninstall the opigno forum app and the og forum module module. After this go to your sites/all/modules and delete the og_forum_D7 and opigno forum app folder. After this, go to the modules and enable the modules again. This happened because you installed the forum app from the app store, but the forum app is already installed with core opigno. The forum app at the moment does not show as installed in the app store. We are looking into this to make sure users cannot install the app more than once. Best regards James Aparicio